Secure Future – About Us

The increase of both the number and severity of violent behaviors among our children is a major concern. It is the inner terrorism consuming us. Too many of the children and youth are victims of bullying, harassment and even emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

We are in the middle of a struggle that will determine the character and future of both  our youth and society in Israel.

  • 33% of all cases of violence in children take place in schools.
  • 500,000 children and youth are defined by the National Insurance Institute as being at-risk, out of which 134,000 are regarded as being at high risk.

Atid Batuah (Hebrew for Secure Future) is a forum of leading members acting to secure a better future for our children, free of violence and risk behaviors, and with better prospects to develop their full potential.

Our programs are based on the “Active, Preventive Educational Strategies”, developed by Abraham Hemmo and Mira Friedman Hemmo. These programs were adopted by the UN (The Cairo Convention, 1994).

Our uniqueness:

  • Mobilizing the youngsters themselves as agents of social change.
  • Primary prevention of violence and risk behaviors, before it is too late.
  • Aiming at the majority of the children.

Our programs include:

  • “Young Leaders for a Secure Future” – Teams of youth and children initiate projects for a secure future in their schools and communities.
  • “Secure-Future in our Town” – a unique, systemic program which incorporates all relevant municipal systems that are in charge of children and youngsters.

We have the power to prevent violence and create changes, not after our children become victims of violence, alcohol or drugs, but now, when we still have the opportunity to save our children. This is a major challenge for us all.