Members of General Assembly


 Ivry David, Maj. Gen. (ret.)

Honorary Chairman – Atid-Batuah

President, Boeing Israel.

Former Duties: Commander of the Israeli Air Force, Ambassador of Israel to the US, Director-General, Ministry of Defense

* Friedman Hemmo Mira

Chairperson, Atid-Batuah

Co. C.E.O – H.E.M.O Safety Center, Honorary President – Commercial Industrial Club

* Hemmo Abraham, Col (ret.) Honorary Founder

Owner & C.E.O – H.E.M.O Safety-Center

Former Duties: Commander, Israel Police Force – Head of Juvenile Delinquency Department, District-Governor, Rotary, 2002/3 – Zone 2490

Gabbay Ezra, CPA

Managing Partner, Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer, Earnest & Young, Israel

Alkalay Mathilda

Owner and CEO, Alkalay Inc.

Arenson Sarah, Ph.D

A co-founder of the department for the history of maritime civilizations at Haifa University

Active in preservation of coastal environments

Assaf Abraham

Chairman, Amanet Management & Systems Ltd.

*Avrahami Benjamin, M.ED, Ph.D

Former Director, Tel Aviv Municipality, Anti Drug And Alcohol Authority

* Ben Shushan Avraham, Maj. Gen. (ret.)

Former Duties: Commander of the Israeli Navy. CEO, the Tel-Aviv development foundation. Chairman of the Elem foundation for youth in distress in Israel. Director General, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.

* Geller Etti


*GuterDavidson Sara

Former Duties: Secretary of the Board of Directors, the Israel Electric Company

* Har Even Aby, Col. (ret.)

Former Duties: Director General, Israel Space Agency (ISA)

Division Head, the Israeli Satellite Launcher Shavit project in IAI

* Lichtenzon Zeev, ADV

Creative Marketing Communication & Strategy Expert, Chairman, Lichtenzon Group

Malek Amror, Dr., C.P.A, ADV

Founder and Chairman of the “Dr. Malek Amror Accountants and Advocates Office”.

* Meron Avraham, CPA

Accountant, Advisor

Neeman Moshe, ADV

Partner, Shibolet & co.

* Nevo Azriel, Brig.Gen (ret.)

Chief military adjutant of 4 Prime Ministers. Chairman, Levinsky College of Education

* Orgler Yair, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus, The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business

Tel Aviv University

* Peri Avi, Col (ret.)

Former role- Commanding Officer, Mamram Technological Department, IDF

VC Fund Chairman, CEO & General manager with dozens of Hi-Tech and Startup companies

* Peres Yoni, V.MD

Veterinarian, Founder and manager of the “Veterinarian Center in the Village” Veterinarian Hospital

* Porath Ziva

Former Duties: CEO , the Netanya Development Fund; owner and CEO, a Haute Couture Exporting factory

* Ross Gideon


Segal Zalman, M.A.

Former Chief Executive Bank Leumi western hemisphere, member of the board of directors

* Tam Susanne

Provides Support to organizations from all sectors in planning, writing and implementing a custom-tailored Effective Organizational Ethics Program, Holds an MBA (Major in finance) and formally the CEO of the Israeli chapter of Transparency International

 Usani Amos, ADV

Former Duties: CEO, The Israeli Railroad Authority, CEO the port of Haifa

* Wilk Yehuda

CEO of Derech Erehtz

* Zifroni Avi, Ph.D

Former Duties: Head of the Education values division, Intl. ORT

* Zivony Rami

CEO, Malam-Team Computers & Systems.

CEO, Various Start Up Companies

Director and Consultant, Various High Tech Companies

*Dajczman Haim  Principal Thelma Yellin High School Of The Arts.

*Fikhte Guy Volunteer.

*Hod Eitan Former Owner and CEO of Gestetnertec Ltd, Israel.

*Levy Menashe, C.P.A. 

*Gad Yoav Retired pilot. formerly a businessman, owner and CEO of an import and marketing company, Until recently a volunteer and leading member of the Tzahala project for Youth at chance.


In Memory of the Late Board Members and Founders of Atid-Batuah


*Lavee Amos

Former roles- Financial Advisor, deputy CEO of the Absorption Ministry, Deputy manager of the Budgets Treasury Department.

*Modai Michal

Former roles- Honorary Life President World WIZO

Sagie Betzalel (Tzeli), ADV
Toren Koby

Former roles- General Manager of the Ministry Of Defence, CEO of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems INC.

Arenson Avie

Founder and former owner, Arenson Ltd. Building & Infrastructure Contractors